Youth Participation Pathway Training

This 12 weeks training provides a visual and structured framework that enables gradual development of Young people’s skills, confidence, self-esteem and the opportunity to take on increased role and responsibilities within a project or at board level.

The youth/s will be coached and supported to identify their pathway; for example by choosing the French Tutor pathway, a young person will receive training with inbuilt placement within the French Supplementary School.

A young person expressing an interest in the youth leader pathway will receive training in Governance, administration and managing projects with placement within the board of the charity. Youth/s leave the 12 weeks course well equipped with a greater understanding of the organisation, their role and an increased self-esteem, confidence and motivation to progress into further education, training or employment.

At the end of the program, the Youth/s will also get a certificate and will be guaranteed a reference from the Organisation.